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Travis White
This is probably the most friendly Dealership that Ive been too. The whole team is there to take care of you and get you what you need and want. They didnt have a helmet I wanted, no problem! They called the other shop RG Honda picked out a helmet and a great discount. Highly recommend to stop in! Huck - Your the Man! Mark- Pleasure meeting you Adam- Best finance atmosphere Ive ever been around. Thanks Guys Travis (Employee: Huck Love, Mark Gricewich, Adam Benedum)
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Thomas Tucker
I didnt like my stock handle bars that came on my Road King. I told Jason what I was wanting and he knocked out of the park. Handle bars now fit me right and look great (black chrome). (Employee: Jason Pickett)
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Alex Britton
Ive been back and fourth on buying a full dresser for a while. Mark Smith came through they made it happen as difficult as I am to deal with, and not to mention staying two hours after quitting time to make sure I was on this new bike for Thunder in the valley rally the next morning. Im now on a new ultra and I love it. This is my third bike from mark and wouldnt buy from anyone else. Glad he moved to almost heaven because the finance manager and owner are down to earth guys unlike people Ive dealt with at the Morgantown store. They have my business and Id recommend this dealership to anyone and Ill be back in a year or two for another one. Keep doing what youre doing guys. (Employee: Mark Gricewich, Mark Smith, Adam Benedum)
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Michael Theodore
A big thank you to Nathaniel Benedum aka Adam. He went out of his way to get me the best trade in on my bike. So that I could purchase the new Tri glide. Thank you to RG almost heaven Harley Davidson dealership for making me feel at home. Love my new Tri glide. (Employee: Adam Benedum)
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Robert Roupe
I appreciate the patience that people like Loco have when waiting on me and showing what I need. Although Im not new to the cycle world I am new to owning a Harley. Everyone at you dealership has been great to work. Ill continue to show there.
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Shawn Jack
Everyone was friendly and helpful, but Loco went out of his way to help me with a part so Id be back on the road quickly. Above and beyond! Thanks again, Loco! (Employee: Parts Department)
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Lynn Phillips
R.G. Almost Heaven Service/Parts is the best, they say Hi. as soon as I come throw the door and are ready to wait on you. They always take time to make sure you get the right parts. The service dept. always tries to do what I need even when it is a little just my way and not always what might be the correct way. I would give R.G. Almost Heaven a 10
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Jerry Goldsmith
Grate people grate service best place to shop (Employee: Mark Smith)
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Charles Pearcy
Mark was so professional it was awesome. I could not ask for more. Mark Smith was so good in every phase of the deal.If you want a Harley go no farther this is your place. (Employee: Mark Gricewich, Mark Smith)
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John Tanner
Just wanted to say thanks to everyone at RGS Almost Heaven Harley Davidson. If your in the market for a new bike or anything you may need stop by. Everyone working there are more than willing to help out. Shoutout to Adam for working his magic to get an 18yr old kid his first Harley. Thanks for welcoming me to the family. (Employee: Adam Benedum, Jason Pickett, Mark Gricewich, Mark Smith)


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